uKnow powers smart tools and technologies that connect and protect digital families

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Text Message Monitoring

Review incoming and outgoing iMessages, text messages (SMS) and picture messages (MMS)

Instagram Monitoring

View images your child publishes as well as "likes", comments, and your child's followers

Twitter Monitoring

Analyze conversations, public or private, including direct messages & mentions

Facebook Monitoring

Monitor status updates, comments, photos, Facebook Chat & Facebook Messenger

Family Locator Tools

Review last known locations, schedule auto “check-ins," create geofences and receive alerts

Social Network Scanning

Find your child's social networking accounts including their hidden & "secret" profiles

uKnowKids provides you with the insights and advice you need to parent your kids in our digital world!

Social & Mobile Contacts

Monitor the list of all the contacts stored on your child’s mobile phone

Photo Reviews

See the images your child sends by text message or stores on the child’s mobile phone

Mobile App Reviews

Know what mobile apps are installed on your child's Apple mobile devices

Phone Call Logs

Keep track of who your child is talking to by reviewing a detailed phone call history log

Digital Safety Resources

Educational resources on social trends, mobile apps, digital parenting and safety issues

Web Browsing & Search History

Monitor the list of all the contacts stored on your child’s mobile phone

  • Access to Apple mobile devices is helpful, but NOT required
  • Jailbreaking is NOT required
  • Child's Apple iCloud login credential are required
  • Access to Android mobile phone is required
  • Jailbreaking is NOT required

uKnow powers smart tools and technologies that connect and protect digital families

Parenting is hard, Digital Parenting is harder. uKnowKids makes digital parenting easier, and keeps kids safer online and on the mobile phone.

uKnowKids, the world’s first Parental Intelligence service, helps moms and dads keep their kids safe on their iPhones, iPads, iPods, and Android mobile phones by giving parents an inside look at their social network activities, text messages, iMessages, phone calls, digital contacts, installed mobile apps, and photos they share with their friends and strangers.

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uKnowID helps you protect and manage your social network identity.

In today’s digital world, our personal information is sprinkled across social media networks and is available to friends and strangers alike. The soon-to-be released uKnowID mobile app constantly analyzes your digital footprint on these sites and provide real-time protection and guidance to help you manage your identity, protect your privacy, and safeguard your reputation.

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uKnowFamily is a best-in-class family locator mobile application that helps families keep track of where their loved ones are - mom and dad, the kids, even grandparents - and ensure that they are safe and secure. 

This is also a great time management tool for any member of the family's everyday life.

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uKnowSocial is a simple, powerful parental intelligence mobile app for moms and dads on the go. Let’s face it.. Parenting is hard, and you will never have all the answers. However, if you know what questions to ask, you can get engaged and teach your kids how to use technologies safely and responsibly. uKnowSocial is designed to help you know what questions you need to be asking your kids about their digital world on a daily and weekly basis.

uKnowSocial packs uKnow’s most popular social media parental monitoring tools into a mobile app that parents can easily and conveniently utilize for a few pennies per day.

uKnowConnect powers digital family protection apps and services for enterprises including social identity protection, family locator, and parental intelligence products.

The uKnowConnect platform, consisting of content, data, APIs, and software, has been deployed by leading identity protection companies, ISPs, security companies, and other service providers, as well as our own consumer brands, to power smart tools that connect and protect digital families.

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