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uKnowFamily enables digital families to locate one another and stay connected while on the go.

Digital families want to save time and get peace-of-mind – all the while being in control of what and when they share. With the uKnowFamily mobile app, a quick glance will let a digital father know if his daughter is at soccer practice as expected or which park the babysitter took the kids to today.


Safety tips for schools and digital families.

We have created 75,000+ resource centers for students, parents, teachers, and school administrators to download free infographics, ebooks, tip sheets, and learning guides addressing the following topics and how they relate to schools across the country: cyberbullying, sexting, internet safety, mobile monitoring, and social media.

A micro-site providing a text-lingo/slang translation engine and 20,000+ term dictionary designed to educate digital parents about what kids are really saying online and on the mobile phone.

Parents can sign up to have an acronym or a “lingo of the day” shared daily through email. Each email contains a translation, example and definition to help parents understand “teen speak”.