The uKnowConnect platform was designed to
power innovation by enabling our partners to
focus on product design and configuration
rather than the underlying technology.

The uKnowConnect platform was designed to power innovation by enabling our partners to focus on product design and configuration rather than the underlying technology.


The uKnowConnect platform, consisting of content, data, APIs, and software, has been deployed by leading identity protection companies, ISPs, security companies, and other service providers, as well as our own consumer brands, to power smart tools that connect and protect digital families.


Create Your Own Solution with Our Robust API Library

Developers and product teams love our robust and flexible suite of APIs. Want to build a social identity protection product? Looking to roll out a family locator mobile app? Are reputation management or parental intelligence products on the roadmap? Maybe a tight integration with one of our hosted solutions make sense. Not all data providers are created equal. We encourage developers to explore what makes uKnow a best-in class provider.

We’ll Do The Work For You with Our Hosted, Private-Label Services

uKnow powers products for companies in a wide range of industries. Our hosted, private-label solutions include the front-end product, mobile apps, subscription management, a reporting console, various billing options, end-user customer support and more. Whether uKnow-technology is leveraged to attract new customers to a brand or to improve the overall product experience for existing customers, uKnow’s turn-key approach is a home run.


Co-branding Will Get You to Market Fast

uKnow enables ISPs, mobile operators, identity theft protection providers, home security companies, and app developers with the opportunity to provide an extra benefit to their existing customer base with minimal effort. uKnowID and uKnowKids, our two consumer services, can be quickly and easily co-branded for resale. Our partners gain the added value of an industry leading digital literacy program which can be made available to all of their customers.


Test out the uKnowConnect API using our Live API Console




Platform Overview

The uKnowConnect platform was designed to support any product strategy. If you are responsible for Product Development within your organization, we have multiple solutions that will help your team quickly and easily build and launch new products and services.

We offer a range of options suited for your business needs including: Content, APIs/data, Co-branded SAAS, Private-label unbundled SAAS, or Private-label Premium SAAS.

Feature Modules

The uKnowConnect platform is comprised of five distinct feature modules that were developed as the foundation for the uKnow-branded products. They include: uKnowMedia, uKnowLocate, uKnowSearch, uKnowMobile, and uKnowSocial.

If you are a Developer, you can implement uKnow’s APIs to deploy any or all of these modules as-is or customize them to fit your specific product needs.

Operations Modules

The uKnowConnect platform is scalable and extensible due to smart integrations with many third-party applications and solutions.

We have assembled the best-in-class providers to leverage their core competencies in areas such as eCommerce front-end development, Web Analytics, Referral Programs, Customer Support, GL & ERP, and Direct or Consolidated Billing. Through the uKnow API library, any of uKnow’s operations modules can be easily customized with your company’s preferred providers.